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ULTRAK 485 - 8 Lap Memory
Lap and cum splits
8 dual split recallable memory
Continuous display of time
Memory recall during operation
Large three row display
Measures to ten hours
Lap counter, Presettable pacer
Presettable countdown timer
Time and calendar
Water resistant
Lithium battery

ULTRAK 440 - Lap or cum timer

Display of lap or cum splits
Measures up to 10 hours
Presettable pacer
Countdown timer
Time and calendar
4 alarms and chime
Water resistant
Lithium battery

ULTRAK 420 - Simple Timer

Display of cum splits
Extra large display
Measures up to 24 hours
Time and calendar
Alarm and chime
Water resistant
Lithium battery

ULTRAK 410 - Event Timer

Event timer
Start/stop or time out events
No other featues - ideal for volunteer timers / foolproof
Measures to ten hour

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