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Socks are an afterthought in many people's wardrobes. Color is often the main consideration. But once you become a runner or walker, good socks become a necessity-and they don't cost much more than plain old socks.

This is what to look for:
Fitness Sports carries socks from a number of fine companies. If you talk to us, we each have our favorites.

Foot fit.
The fit of your socks is as important as the fit of your shoes. Too tight, and they become constricting. Too loose, and they bunch up, causing irritation and increasing risk of blisters. In general, the right sock size for you is one to two sizes larger than your shoe size. Read sock packaging for specifics about fit.

Cotton is a NO!. They're fine for people whose feet don't perspire much. But wool, (merino wool), Coolmax, polypropylene, Wonderspun and other synthetics are better at wicking moisture away from the feet. They keep sweaty feet comfortable, which helps prevent blisters and odor. Blended fiber socks are also available.

Some socks have extra padding on the sole, or slightly flared toes, or extra stitching across the toe and heel for added strength. Some have an elasticized arch for a snug no slip fit.
Check your old socks and see how they feel and wear, then select the socks that best meet your individual needs.

Smart Wool - My favorite for everyday wear. The softest, most comfortable sock made. Crew and low cut.

- the only socks that have finished a marathon!
(without shoes over them)

Wig Wam - America’s standby. A sock for every purpose. Thin or thick, padded or all one thickness.
If they don’t make it, it probably isn’t made.

Pro Feet
“Blister Free“

guarenteed to prevent blisters! Coolmax or Wonderspun fibres.
Crew and low cut.

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