Only the Best! Don’t fool with the ‘cheap imitations’ that don’t work once you start moving around. You want a HRM that works when you’re ‘on the go’!

S625X is like having a performance lab with you on every workout. All the heart rate, running and cycling data you will ever need is available right on your wrist. The S625X delivers continuous running speed without relying on where satellites are positioned. With the optional cycling and power sensors and enhanced training tools like the Polar OwnOptimizer™ recovery test, plus altitude and ascent for route profile, the S625X lets you cross train and put the power of information to work for you. : OUR PRICE $349.00

S720i is our most popular cycling computer ever…. and it just got even better. The S720i combines the highest level of personal performance data, training conditions like altitude and temperature, and cycling functions. Infrared technology allows you to download directly to your PC without a separate interface.* Get back from your workout and in seconds, the most in-depth performance analysis is right there on your PC. Turn your computer into a cycling coach. OUR PRICE $319.00

S725X is an upgrade to the popular S725 with the same sleek carbon fiber look and even more training options than before. It is the only complete cycling system that combines heart rate with speed, distance, altitude, ascent, cadence and optional power output. It also features mobile connectivity and Polar OwnOptimizer™ recovery test. Cross-training athletes you can measure running speed and distance with the optional Polar S1™ Foot Pod. The S725X also lets you record personal performance, optional running and cycling data plus training conditions like altitude or temperature, then analyze your performance when you download via Infrared technology directly to your PC. The most complete cycling computer just got better. OUR PRICE $329.00

S-1 Foot Pod With the optional S1 foot pod, the RS200 & S725X, provides accurate speed and distance data like the S625X so you can combine pace with heart rate data. OUR PRICE $129.00

Power Output Sensor Kit. Today's elite cyclist are turning to Power output (wattage) to help prepare for competition. Measuring Power is a tool most useful in analyzing training or racing data after a ride. Instantaneous Power readings will vary throughout the pedal stroke due to the inconsistent cadence of most cyclists. Because of these variations, the best use of the Power measurement is in the analysis that is done once you are off your bike.

The key to using Power is in two areas. For short, maximum efforts such as a 20 second sprint over 1000 watts. Or longer rides where the Power average over the course of the ride, in conjunction with heart rate, will provide the telling details. Pete Pensyres, past winner of RAAM (Race Across America), uses his 720i and Power unit to analyze rides over 1 hour. He combines that data with his heart rate average for a look at what type of ride he had.

Power is a direct reflection of the exercise intensity, whereas heart rate responds to changes in Power. Power will therefore change rapidly with each pedal stroke. Heart rate, on the other hand is relatively stable and will not fluctuate because it takes heart rate longer to adapt to the intensity change. The combination of the two provides the full analysis.

The left and right feature on the Polar system is a valuable tool to help develop your pedal stroke. It measures the Power put out by each leg independently, and can then tell how evenly you pedal with both legs. If you can distribute the power evenly between each leg, you will generate a more consistent power output and delay fatigue. I recommend paying attention to this as much as you can during a ride. While working out on an indoor trainer, you can really focus on your pedal stroke and concentrate on improving your efficiency.

The Pedaling Index was another interesting feature designed to improve efficiency. It measures the Power output during the downward stroke, between the 1 and 5 o'clock positions. The higher the number, the more efficient you are at applying power over the positive stroke (downward). This will train you to maintain more consistency over the whole circular pedal stroke and develop a fluid motion.
OUR PRICE $ 339.00

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