Only the Best! Don’t fool with the ‘cheap imitations’ that don’t work once you start moving around. You want a HRM that works when you’re ‘on the go’!

FS-2- With added watch and recording features the FS2 helps to provide basic feedback during your exercise routine. Black or silver gray -OUR PRICE $61.00

F4 is the first women's specific unit from Polar, combining all the necessary heart rate features with a new, slim design. Available in two color options, the F4 includes the popular Zone Pointer™ feature that helps keep you in your Target Zone, and OwnCal to track the calories you burn during your exercise. With stopwatch and convenient button free operation, the F4 is a valuable fitness tool. Lt. Blue or Black -OUR PRICE $79.00

F6 is the optimal choice for group exercisers like in-door cyclists. Coded transmission prevents crosstalk with other monitors so you'll get a personalized workout, even in a class environment. More than just a stylish model with 3 color options, the F6 is an excellent exercise motivator. It includes all the features of the F4, plus guidance with OwnZone® to automatically establish your personal target heart rate zones and feedback with OwnCal® to track your calories and % of fat burned, making it a perfect exercise companion.
Comes in Gray, Blue or BlackOUR PRICE $99.00

F11 is an exerciser's dream come true. It's the world's only heart rate monitor that creates a workout program to tell you how much, how hard and how long to exercise to reach your goals. The new, revolutionary Keeps U Fit - Workout Program guides you to your personal goals. OwnIndex® will determine your fitness level, track your improvements, and provide motivation. The OwnCal® feature counts the calories and fat that you burn and the OwnZone® feature will automatically determine each day's target zone. The F11also features the WearLink™ Coded transmitter made from a soft, fabric material. The electrodes, which pick up the heart signals, are integrated right into the strap for added flexibility and comfort. The Coded feature eliminates interference from other heart rate monitors. The F11 is the closest thing to having your own personal trainer.
Comes in Red or BlackOUR PRICE $139.00

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