Impressions and Criticisms of the race for 2005

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Everyone involved in the race deserves a huge, wet and muddy hug! Steve, lots of people work hard but you have the Lion's share of responsibility and deserve a special thank you. Like maybe being submersed in one of the creek crossings ;-) Special kudos to Cal for his work as well.

Handling so much growth year after year is amazing, and as long as people line up with halfways common sense the numbers should not really matter. I never had a problem with the flow of people in front of me where I started. Oh sure, my large rear end which is more suited to football or stump pulling did get in the way of a few people at a creek crossing or two... Muchas gracias for the guy who gave me a decent shove in said area to get up a mud bank that was giving me and my shoes fits.

I liked the course changes, and is it me or did it seem a touch more difficult than years past? The deep water was AWESOME and I was happy to see my wife dirtier than she has ever been before. Said she could not find shallow spots like she did in years past. Definitely liked the fence gate being at the end this year, I loved hearing the gasps as we lifted legs that felt like frozen cement over the cold slippery bars. Definitely added to the character of the race.

Once again you delivered on your promise of a memorable event. I got cold and dirty, and importantly to me I beat the mostly naked Indian.

Say, maybe adding chili to the post race food would compliment the yummy donuts and yogurt...


Pretty good since I only paid him $5.

Thanks for another great race. This is the second year in a row I've come up from New Mexico to run the race with my brothers, and it's the most fun I've had in 30 years of running races. I especially liked the part where I jumped into the creek expecting it to be a few inches deep, and went in up to my waist in the icy water! My next favorite part was running up the hayfield hill with leaden legs, feeling like I would throw up at any second (I didn't, but it was a close call).

P. F.

Glad you "had a good time?"

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Congrats to everyone at Fitness Sports and the race commitee and all the volunteers for pulling off another great race at the Living History Farms! I'd like to extend a special thanks to Cal Murdock for the great job he does timing all the big local events, including this one. Without all of you, we'd all just be running laps.

This was my 4th straight LHF and this year was definitely my favorite. I thought the course was the tougher than in previous years, which I liked. The mud was incredible and there was even snow -- perfect! I finally bought spikes for this year and was glad I did. I especially liked the course change in miles 2-3 -- I found it hillier, more scenic, and a bit roomier. Also, thanks for putting the cattle gate back in. In my opinion, the gate needs to be up every year (even if you need to buy the farm a new one each time!).

The water was deep, which I actually years past, I was always afraid of jumping in and hitting rocks two inches down. It was mind-numbingly cold, but wow what a rush.

A question for you -- what do you think was the reason for the huge jump in entries? Do you think the recent article in Running Times Magazine (June '05) had an effect? The more the merrier, I say, but I wonder if some day the race will have to be capped -- the start area was pretty full. Nonetheless, congrats on the new records, and great job in handling the extra volume.

In closing, I just wanted to tell you how much we all appreciate your efforts. LHF is something my friends and I really look forward to every year, and it's great to see that, as the size of the event grows, the quality of the event actually increases. Keep up the good work, see you next year!
Mike Mullins, Ames IA

I think the article must have had some effect, but there are more runners getting out there all the time. and that;'s a good thing.

OK, I know some people are dissin' the Indian a bit, but you know, he is one of the few people dressed appropriately - running through the living history farms and all... so, more power to ya, buddy!

Not a plains Native American in November. they would have been dressed much warmer.

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I was climbing one of the hills and one of the camera ladies had to help me up because the hill was to muddy for me to get to the top of, and my dad registered my by mistake as a 2 year old when I am really 12! I had fun yesterday! CANT WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Comfort

We've hired the camera lady for next year already.

My favorite part of the race was when Jacob Kaemmer got passed in the last 200 meters by Thom Waters.

Coaches get no respect!

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I am originally from Iowa and now declare California as my home turf. I am visiting Iowa for the holidays and had the privilege to run the Living History Farms race last weekend. I thought it was a lot of fun. I ran the race a couple of time in the 1980's, but didn't remember the stream crossing to be as challenging as they were on Saturday. I wrote an entry in my blog about the race (a positive entry, I believe):

I am looking forward to running the race again in a couple of years when I should be back here again for Thanksgiving.

Pleasanton, CA

He missed the "G-string" runner.

Another great race, my daughter and I have been at this since 1989. Everyone is happy and laughing from the start, in the middle and at the end. Where else can you be with so many people, having such a great time on a Saturday morning in November. Nowhere! One question... What is the loinclothe mans story? One comment, you dragon girls are awesome. We can't think of a better way to experience team work than what you girls did. We even saw you walking through the parking lot after the race still connected. Thank you for putting on a great run.


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This was my first race, and I loved it! The only thing that would've made it better was some kegs of ice cold beer at the end of the race. I run the Bix every year, and the party at the end with "adult beverages"
is enjoyed by so many. I'd be willing, as I'm sure a lot of people would, to spend an extra five dollars on the entry fee in exchange for refreshing beverages. If it's a liquor license thing, I understand. I
still had a blast. Thank you.

Not a possiblity for the management of the Farm.

To the woman I punched in the face crossing the first creek:
I am very sorry. I hope you are okay.
M T, Marshalltown

Me too!

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My favorite costumes were the nearly naked Indian and the beautiful


Not me.

I ran with the women's winner (Sara Gall) for the first 3.5 miles. At one point I was right in front of her and I almost fell down. I'm sure I impeded her progress, but instead of getting mad, she sincerely asked if I was alright. Here I am a klutzy dude in the way of someone winning a huge race, and she doesn't get mad. This kind of thing really makes you feel good about the running community, or at least one good role model at the front of the pack.


Sara is a class individual (like most of the runners).

I found a pair of running shorts in the parking lot after the race and would like to return them to the owner. They have the race number attached: 4175.
Great race!
Thanks for your help,
Jim Teusch, Jefferson, IA

What can I safely say to this?

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am Eric Boone, I ran the race yesterday and my result is not on the website. I finished right before my wife Monica Boone. My bib number was 2444 and my wife’s was 2445.

I will let you know that this was the first year that my wife had ran this and it happened to be my 30th birthday; great birthday gift right. This was my 3rd or 4th race and the first time I ever have walked the entire race. It was very enjoyable. At the largest creek crossing that we came to I thought I would be a gentleman and give my beautiful wife a piggy-back ride across the creek. The water was only about a foot deep and I wasn’t worried about getting my feet or legs to wet. Well, the next step was a doozy; the water went from being about a foot deep to about 3 feet deep. To say the least I was taken by surprise. My feet slipped from beneath me and I ended up on all fours in the creek. I was drenched. My wife, my most beautiful dry wife was still on my back… DRY! As I got out of the freezing water my wife asked if I was OK and if I crying. Well, I defiantly wasn’t crying, I was laughing harder than I ever have. I was freezing cold (because I only wanted to help my wife) and my wife was perfectly dry. All in all, that was the best moment I have ever had doing this race and as for my wife I think that she really enjoyed herself and may do this again and recruit more of her friends. Living History Farms… thank you for the memories, I had an awesome 30th birthday.
Eric A. Boone

We'll get you fixed in the results. For those that don't know it, the number tear offs get so muddy that they stick together. Sometimes we don't catch it.

As for chips, when so many people lose their shoes, think how many would lose the chips. And the goods ones cost $80 each. And we would have to bill you for losing it.

At about three and half miles I was feeling great, and starting to pull away on the field. All was well until I came to a little fork in the road. I went right and into a creek that had a sheet of ice covering the water. With recluse abandon I jump in, and break the ice. I first scrap my right knee and start to fall forward. Next the ice digs into my right quad, and I feel as if I am going to plunge under. Water is splashing everywhere. My left arm, shoulder, and chest are frezzing wet. I get out and have to jump into another creek almost instantly. When the fork came back I saw that the four guys behind me were now infront of me because they all went left. I say "boy that was fun," and I look down to see my quad is all bloody red. I have a rather large black dragon tattoo on the quad, and it looked as if the dragon was spitting the blood out. Either way I press on and try to hold on and regroup. I remember passing the groups of people around mile five and hearing the ouches and ohhs of the spectators noticing my bloody leg. I hold on to my fifth place with my battle wound. I made sure to show those that beat me that day how lucky the were to have went left. Could I have won...maybe. This is truly one race were that fastest out there do not win. There are so many factors that can arise, and you have to be a man to make it through those woods. Will I be back...yes, because I love this race.
Eric Graham, Olathe, Kansas, (DM Roosevelt 1996)

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Thanks for another great race. As for the clay plate, it is a unique prize, and useful, too. I thought that you handled the increased numbers of runners marvelously. Only complaint was the very cold creek!

I ran in the race yesterday, and have for several years. It is an awesome race. I have a couple of complaints, and I am only stating them because I heard several people complaining about these issues after the race, and if several people complain then maybe it will change things. First, the awards this year were clay plates? I think those trophies with tractors on them were way better. Secondly, as in any cross country race I have ever run in, the teams should be scored by place, not time. Thanks for your time, I am already looking forward to running this again next year.


My time in the results doesn't match the time I saw coming across the finish-line (or on my watch). I really think that it should be closer than 15 secs.


I truly am sorry about the discrepancy. We will try to figure out why it happened.
Now to the actual question. What are you comparing this race's time with? There is no other 10K like it, the course is new almost every year, so your time means nothing in relation to other LHFs, and you can't realistically compare it to a road race.
I can understand comparing your finishing place in the race, or who did or didn't beat, but I can't see where the time means much.
I'm not criticizing or making excuses, I just really wonder. I have always loved cross country and did fairly well at it, but never really new what to do with my times.
Some of the races I ran didn't even give times.

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I just want to tell you that I think it was awesome that you said a prayer for the runner’s safety and the troops in Iraq before the race started. Way to exercise your free speech and Christianity. We need more of that!
Also, I really think that you should have a category for a costume contest. I noticed yeste! rday that there weren’t as many people dressed up as there has been in past years, and that’s a big part of the fun! I don’t really know how a winner could be chosen…but we need people to catch on to that! (I was part of the Chinese dragon this year, so I hope we inspired some.)
But great job organizing an awesome race!


Actually, that was a non-denominational prayer. My religion is relatively personal to me and I believe in respecting others.

Congrats to the 5000+ crazy people who marked there calendars to run in a race where they were wet, cold, muddy and exposed to naked Indian man-butt.
This race is a real jewel for Iowa. How about a Spring 2006 race? I'm in.

Not a possibility. The farm is coming to life then. But thanks

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