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This was my first time running this race. I just started running about a year and a half ago, and have run several 5K races, but this is the farthest I have ever run. It did NOT feel like 6 miles..which was great! It was so much fun that it was easy to forget how far I was actually running, and how cold I was! I want to thank you for putting on such a fun, successful race. I saw the apology for the 1mile race...hopefully people will realize things like this happen sometimes. This race is absolutely huge and we are all human...mistakes will be made:) I will definately be running it again next year, but will be hoping for a little warmer temperatures! Thanks again!
DF in Urbandale
As we were approaching the first dive into the ravines at about mile 3 or so, the long line of runners was winding its way along the end rows of a field, up and down over the terraces, when a good size buck deer came careening out of the woods. He was trapped between the line of runners on his left, and the highway on his right, and was non too pleased about it. He made several feints toward the runners, veering off each time, before he finally decided there was no choice but to jump OVER us. He cut directly in front of me, leaping high as he cut into the pack. Several runners hit the deck, and one of the guys with the huge afros and leisure suits may have been brushed, but no one was hurt. I could have reached out and grabbed his hind leg as he soared through the air in front of my face, but thought better of it. We all got a good kick of adrenaline, and as I commented (gasping) at the time, "Just what we need...a little excitement to get our hearts pounding!" All in all, it was extremely cool! J.J.
One unique thing that I observed while running took place right as I was about to enter the woods about mile 3 or so. A fairly good sized male deer came charging, and I mean flying, out of the woods. A buddy of mine who was close but not by me said the deer headed towards the flow of runners AND LEAPED OVER THE CROWD. You don't see that at many local road races.
As always, your hard work is greatly appreciated and you should know you really do provide the running community with a Midwestern gem of a race!

D. L.
New Hartford, IA
This is my first LHF race and what a great time I had!! I'll be back every year.
The race had started, we had run a ways, I was at my first stream. I was going up the side and
somone jumped down and pushed me in the stream. I was wet from my head to my toes, but that
was the funnest part geting durty and wet, and had to run that way the rest of the way, I was cold
but it was fun. I finished in 231th place. I highly recommend this race, and I will be back next year.
Lori K

Dear Steve and the "team of Capital Striders & other helpers".

I like to practice gratitude. This evening I feel compelled to write and express my thanks to you for your role in making central Iowa a great place to live. Thank you for today's race. Thank you for your role in and sponsorship of so many other races throughout the year. Thank you for all you do for the local running community.
Please feel free to copy this to other Striders who's names and contributions I may be unaware of but to whom I also am grateful, on behalf of myself, many of my friends, and the Ames Area Running Club.

Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! This was my first time running this event and I loved it!!!! What a great change of pace for someone whose "off road" running consists of paved trails. My friend and I had a great time and can't wait to get back and do it again. Thanks for putting on such a great event.

S W, Des Moines
. . . .. I did the 10k yesterday, and had the a wonderful
time. This was my first LHF race. I will be back every year from now on. It was the most well done race, and I think the faces and laughs of everyone in the race showed it.

So thank you again, I really enjoyed myself. You guys did a wonderful job.


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