Mailing Inclusions requirements for the Fitness Sports News
(Read carefully as these guidelines have changed!)


Fitness Sports would be glad to help you promote your race. We are actively involved in over 75 races in and around central Iowa every year and hope to be able to support any event that promotes running, walking or general wellness in our area. We hope that we could be of some help with race organization.

In order that we can provide assistance to all these events, it is necessary to have a few guidelines. These are stated below;

If you would like YOUR BROCHURE to be included in our news letter we will need;

At least 10,400 (Central Iowa only) }copies of your entry forms delivered to us by the given date. Value to you is $1500 postage at non profit mailing rate or $2500 at regular bulk rates..

At least 12,500 (all of Iowa) } copies of your entry forms delivered to us by the given date. Value to you $2000 postage at a non profit rate or $3000 at regular bulk rates..

These forms can not have any form of postage or bulk mail stamp or identia on them. They should be 81/2 x 11 & tri-folded, or 81/2 x 14 and folded appropriately. The folded dimensions should not be larger than 3.5 X 8.5.

We will also need to receive a check from non-profits of $15 per every 1000 flyers we mail out for you (for profiuts entities will need to talk with us about a fee). This covers part of our costs for inserting your flyer. It also helps to weed out the races that aren't serious about their event.

We need to be credited some place on the event literature! (without this the mailing may not be accepted by the post office)

We ask that we are treated as a minimum of a $1500 in kind (for central Iowa mailing.) or $2000 in kind (for state wide mailing) contributor. Our logo can be obtained by linking HERE.

If you would just like to be included in our calendar just call or send us all the pertinent information. This service is free. If you would like an online entry form, and you can provide a copy ready electronic version, that is free. If you want us to create it, there is a minimal extra charge.

If you would like to mail to a smaller list ask us and we can point you to someone who may be able to help. Our list is made up of all possible runners. His list can be broken down to just frequent racers (2000-30 00). You'll need to do your own mailings if you decide to use the smaller lists.

These are deadlines for us in receiving your brochures;

Feb. 25th, April 10th, May 20th, July 10th, Sept. 1st, Oct 10th and Dec. 15th (last mailing until Mar.).

Your flyer and our mailer will go into the mail approximately 10 TO 20 DAYS after the preceding dates. Please do not ask us to hold our mailings as other races and Fitness Sports count on these dates.
We cannot guarentee when the items will be delivered as they travel 3rd class mail. Various parts of the state are slower than others! It is best to leave plenty of time before your race.

Steven Bobenhouse, Pres.
Fitness Sports Ltd.
515/277-4785 or 800/529-7684

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